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Summer – the season of sun and glittering seas. It's the perfect time for love.

When Sekai gets sick and asks Setsuna to take over her waitressing job at the popular seaside resturant Radish, Setsuna grudgingly agrees. She doesn't like the idea of wearing their skimpy uniforms, let alone having no experience as a waitress, but she’s happy to have the chance to be closer to the boy she has a secret crush on, Makoto. It's the chance she’s been waiting for...

However, instead of seeing Makoto more often, she is wrapped into living together with a new roommate, Inori, wrecking Setsuna's plans for romance. Will there be time for romance this summer?

Get ready for this delightfully bizarre new chapter in the School Days series!

Shiny Days is a fully animated game that changes with the decisions you make. With with over 40 endings to experience, including plenty of humor and erotic encounters. You'll be playing for days!

In addition to main stories that revolve around the title heroines that fans of School Days are familiar with, Shiny Days brings in new characters, including minor and side characters from the original game who now have well-developed story routes. Plus, you can now meet the mothers and families of several characters. Only you can decide who you'll romance this summer.


Setsuna Kiyoura

The main heroine of Shiny Days, she works at the restaurant "Radish" though she's not used to work as a waitress. When trouble strikes, she ends up sharing a room with Inori.

Inori Ashikaga

A new heroine for this game, Inori is a strong-willed girl with a slightly out-of-date manner of speech. After trouble hits at the restaurant "Radish," she ends up living with Setsuna under strange circumstances. She's close friends with Kato Otome.

Makoto Ito

The main hero of School Days and Shiny Days, Makoto is a normal carefree Japanese youth who likes cute girls and spending time with his younger sister Itaru, who lives with her father normally.

Kotonoha Katsura

A popular student at Sakakino Academy, Kotonoha is a well-proportioned and beautiful girl, though she has a complex about her large breasts and is shy about talking with boys. An "indoor-type," she didn't want to go to the summer festival, but her younger sister Kokoro insisted.

Kokoro Katsura

Younger sister to Kotonoha, Kokoro is a bright and cheerful girl who's the exact opposite of her older sister, never shy about talking to new people. A regular customer at the restaurant "Radish," she often spends her time there studying.

Otome Kato

A strong-willed student at Sakakino Academy, Otome has known Makoto since junior high. A girl with a dedicated heart, she wants to make some memories during summer vacation. Her younger sister Karen is supportive of Otoha's love for Makoto.

Sekai Saionji

A student at Sakakino Academy and daughter of Yoko, manager of the restaurant "Radish," Sekai gets the mumps and is forced to rest from her part-time job at the restaurant. She's usually very cheerful, though deep down she sometimes feels sad.

Mai Kiyoura

Mother to Setsuna, Mai is a successful career woman with experience in planning projects. She has a friendly rivalry with Saionji Yoko, mother of Sekai, and is always looking out to be helpful to Sekai any way she can.

Shiny Days

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